VVandr – Luxury Benefits Without The Cost!

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vvandr offer 1VVandr – Your Great Personal Service Provider!

VVandr is a bonded and insured lifestyle management company that provides personal and customized assistant services. This is for valuable clients in order for them to get more time to enjoy the things that they would want to do. They are providing personal assistance, preparation, event planning and organization, errand services, excursion coordination and transportation. There are endless benefits to being a member.

What is VVandr? How does it work?

VVandr is your personal friend to the best entertainment, local retail as well as dining experiences. Also for recommendations for wellness and health services. Their main goal is to help people simplify the way of their life. By saving their energy, time and by providing peace of mind. They guarantee to provide discretion and confidentiality. In all the things that they do.

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Some of the services that they offer are as follows:

  • For home care, they provide services for home preparation, stocking pantry and refrigerator with selected essentials prior to the arrival. For onsite home check for the absent homeowners, meal preparation. Also point of contract for delivery people/services as well as cleaning services.
  •  For personal services, VVandr provides services for grocery shopping and delivery. Also home office assistance, messenger services, shopping. Not forgetting gift planning and wrapping, card writing, purchasing as well as addressing. This membership takes care of that for you.
  •  For excursion and event planning. They have an efficient coordination with cocktail picnics, parties, dinners, luncheons and so on and so forth. They also make sure that each excursion and weekend retreat would be the best. Providing comfort to the people and by doing lodging and transport arrangements. VVandr is your guiding assistant with all of this.
  •  VVandr is also delivering personalized and unique services with the use of the industry-leading technologies that aggregates and captures actionable data. The in-country contact center ambassadors that they have are always on the job 24 hours a day 7 days of the week. This is for the whole year. It takes personal assistance request coming from different forms of devices. It then responds with the use of the best channel from phone text to tweet.
  •  Aside from providing personal services, VVandr can also help in growing your business. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what time of the day. And no matter what kind of device you use. VVandr will standby to help you along with their expert contact services as well as personal assistance.

exclusive lifestyle with vvandr

In addition to the things stated above, VVandr also provide services for the following:

For travel: VVandr also provides services for car rental, roadside assistance, plane reservations, taxi and limousine. Also traffic and weather reports, driving directions, lost-item assistance. Also lost-delayed baggage assistance, destination research, foreign entry requirements, currency exchange. Not to mention fuel prices research, immunization information, travel documentation assistance. Translation services as well as travel warnings and advisories are included.

For contact center: VVanadr is providing excellent services for customer service calls, sales support, warranty calls and product information.

For concierge: VVandr is giving entertainment reservations and referral, hotel and restaurant reservations. Not to mention shopping recommendations, activities reservation and research. Also product comparisons, gift research and ordering. Also good with social and event planning, spa and salon referral, laundry and cleaning and so on and so forth.

For medical: VVandr also offers services like prescription assistance, referral for dentist, doctor, pharmacy look-up and hospital. Best research and rental of medical equipment, medical repatriation and evacuation and medical monitoring.

For miscellaneous: For miscellaneous services, VVandr has the capability to provide you with parcel and errand services. Phone number and address lookup, lottery and horoscope results, benefits inquiries, pet services, sport scores and schedule reminder. All of these and more come with alot of perks.

vvandr has amazing services

Is the VVandr membership worth having?

VVandr is truly a great company that will give you an exclusive access to wide range of life benefits. And to the world of luxury without a price tag. You and your loved ones will surely enjoy your great life. No longer having to ask for help. This membership gives you the great services that you can get from them. It’s really like having a personal assistant.

Wherever you are, whenever you need and whatever you want. 24 hour and 7 days of the week for the whole year services that VVandr provide. It will serve all your needs. Whether you are in need of personal services for your business, at home, general information. Even information about shopping centers. Or restaurants, organizing a wedding and doing a research, they have all the things that you need in a very affordable rate. You can’t go wrong being a member.

The great services that they provide will enable you to enhance and nurture your passions and hobbies. Even your interests as well as your experiences anywhere you go. They also cover wide selection of events. Not to mention leisure activities as well as products and services. Which will take your free time into the next level. Whether you want to join in a wine club, avail golf packages, get the latest trends on clothing. Or even purchase a car, go to theater to watch a film, attend an event or enjoy a relaxing day in spa and wellness. At VVandr, there is always something specially designed for your needs.

So if you are looking for a great company that offers personal services in a very affordable rate with the best quality of service. VVandr is best choice for you. With VVandr, you can rest assure that you will continuously get all the things that you want to have. When you have your membership with them, you are going to get an instant access with the use of your fingertips. Because they are always within the reach. By submitting your request on their mobile app, or via email and text message with ease. You can instantly get a quick respond from their active and friendly staff. It is that easy to use your membership.  With just one portal, you will already have a complete access on the travel services. Right there for your convenience. And for you to view and make use of your benefits in an exciting and fun trip that you want it to be. This membership is really amazing to use!

Is VVandr all I need?

With VVandr, you can amplify your free time and hobbies. As well as your personal life. Delivered to you are the wide range of discounts, offers and services. In order to make your relaxation, shopping and outings that best that they can ever be. So be a member of VVandr now for you to get exclusive deals and offers. Enjoy the great life with VVandr!

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